Papermache Creations


Unique-Imaginative- Original- Up cycle  - Comic Design

Papermache Creations is a quirky beautiful range of top quality functional and up cycle Designs all handcrafted through the Papermache process in which throw away items considered as trash are blended and mixed with found nature objects, newspaper and glue to create a 100% Up cycled South African Product giving a new vision to Recycling, Being Green and Sustainable Solutions.

Papermache Creations Vision
Recycling, Reusing, Recreating Original Functional and Decorative Design Creations which are 100% Green.

Being able to visualize and reconstruct Quality products from Waste materials such as newspaper,tins,glass bottles,plastic and found Natural objects from the Environment like shells,pods, sticks thus reducing helping reduce the impact of our stressed landfill sites.

Papermache Creations Mission
To enrich the World with a quality Up cycled Art Design.
To create an awareness of Global issues that effect our Environment today through Design.
To promote South African Design culture locally and Internationally.

To encourage an awareness of new possibilities that by being creative one can change the focus of the consumer/buyers market we live in today so that tomorrow a better Greener World is created for future generations

Product Catalogue

  1. Functional Art Chairs
  2. Functional Art Lamps
  3. 3D Jambees sculpture
  4. Bushzoot mini mobiles
  5. Magnoof fridge magnets
  6. Boofaloon plant companions
  7. Bushnoof pencils
  8. Jambees mobiles
  9. Special commissions/ requests